At the Shopping Mall

Don’t you just hate it when your kid throws up a public tantrum, big or small?  I was paying for my purchase at the Giant’s one Sunday when I heard a 2-year-old boy whining, “I want!  I want to buy that toy car!”  He didn’t stop until the doting father gave in. “Which one do you prefer?” he asked patiently.

Plenty of advice can be found on Internet sites and in books that dish out sound parenting tips to handle tantrums.  It’s pretty simple to me – just don’t buy any toys when your child is with you at any toy departments.  After a while, the smart kid will figure it out for himself.  Works for me!


At the Shopping Mall
By Jason. L (12 years old)

It was a bright and lovely morning. Mrs. Kim, along with her four-year-old daughter, Ann was going to check out the neighbourhood’s newest shopping mall.  Clutching her mother’s hand tightly, little Ann skipped merrily along the walkway as they sauntered leisurely towards the shopping complex. She chatted animatedly with her mother.  The warm rays of the morning sun caressed her rosy cheeks as the cool breeze tossed her raven black hair.

Before long, they arrived at their destination. The atmosphere in the shopping centre was a festive one.  Vibrant shades of gay balloons and streamers hung from the ceiling. Two clowns in colourful outfits were giving away balloon sculptures to young children. Stereo music blared from big loudspeakers and shoppers thronged the passages of the attractive, well-stocked stores. Escalators tirelessly carried exuberant shoppers to all levels of the shopping mall.  Ann was filled with delight and fascination as her eyes eagerly took in the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

Mrs. Kim headed for the women’s store first.  Racks of stylish women’s clothing of the latest fashion including dresses, blouses, jackets, tops, coats, jackets, suits, lingerie, shoes, handbags and accessories filled the store.  She was spoilt for choice.  Beaming with delight, she shopped to her heart’s content.  After picking a gorgeous red dress and a pair of designer jeans, she paid for them at the cashier’s counter.

Then they went down the escalator to the toy department.  Cute, cuddly soft toys of all animals were displayed beautifully on the shelves.  Ann was ecstatic when she came eye to eye with a big fluffy teddy bear.  She darted to the shelves, took the soft toy and hugged it tightly to her bosom.  She refused to let go of it when it was time to leave.  Her mother could not afford to buy it because it was too expensive.

Ann threw herself down onto the floor and kicked up a fuss.  She was yelling and screaming her head off while big fat tears rolled down her cheeks. The annoyed mother was flushed with embarrassment as she tried to coax her bawling child to stop her tantrum.  Her soft urgings soon turned into a harsh lecture.  But alas, it was to no avail.  The spoiled girl did not budge. In the end, Mrs. Kim had to purchase the teddy bear to appease her child.  A big broad smile appeared on Ann’s damp face.  Like a dog with two tails, she left the mall with her new toy snugly cuddled in her arms.


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