The Best Invention – 2

Personally, I think the best invention is the Internet and so does Mr. S.Kyu who wrote the following essay two years ago.  Great minds think alike!  🙂

The Best Invention – 2

By S. Kyu (11 years old)


I think the best invention is the Internet.  It allows us to accomplish many things.   It can help people at home or at work.  You can shop on it, talk on it, learn from it, look for information, read world news, listen to music, watch movies, meet new people, check email or send email.  The list is endless!

Nowadays, people use the Internet to search for all kinds of information.  With a click of a mouse, you can search for anything you wish. There are online dictionaries if one wishes to look up English words or in any language.  Like my aunt who often shops for her clothes online, you can also surf for clothing.  You can opt to purchase air tickets or do your banking online, too.

We can also read about events happening in every part of the world.  Football fans can follow the World Cup 2010 currently held in South Africa.  E-books are available to readers of any age and YouTube is a good place to upload, share and watch video clips.

One can communicate with others from far away through the Internet.  We can connect with the world instantly almost anywhere. We can send and receive emails. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter enable us to network and keep up with friends or family. We can chat to friends or talk to them and at the same time, see them on webcams.  It saves a lot of money on telephone charges that way.

The Internet is good for me because I can download games or play them online.  My brother gets entertainment by downloading music and movies. I can also search for pictures and information to carry out my projects. The Internet has become a lifestyle for us youngsters and it makes life so much easier for everybody, young and old.

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