Turning Over A New Leaf

It’s every parent’s dream to see a turnabout in their offspring’s lackadaisical attitude towards studying. Most kids think they ought to be more conscientious but lack the willpower to do so.  Won’t it be wonderful to have our slothful kids turn over a new leaf like the examples that Mr. 12 and Mr. 15 gave?


Turning Over A New Leaf

By Jason L. (12 years old)


The air in the classroom was stale and stuffy.  The students’ eyelids were as heavy as lead while they tried their best to pay attention to what the Maths teacher was saying.  It was Ben’s duty to open the windows before lessons began but he was as lazy as a pig and did not always remember to carry out his tasks.  Moreover, he never copied down the notes on the blackboard and to make matters worse, he hardly ever bothered to do his homework.  As a result, he was far from being the apple of his teacher’s eye.

The mid-term exams was drawing near and the class teacher gave the students a lot of enrichment exercises to reinforce what they had already learnt.  All the students worked their socks off preparing for it except for Ben, who slept and left his drool on the desk.  His teachers did not punish him for sleeping in class because they had already given up on him. This suited Ben perfectly as his pesky teachers would finally leave him alone.

The day of the dreaded examination finally dawned.  The numbers and words on the test papers swam hopelessly before Ben’s eyes in an impossible jumble.  After five days of grueling tests, everyone heaved a big sigh of relief but when the teachers returned the test papers, Ben knew he was in deep trouble as he had flunked all the subjects.  He predicted that his parents were going to tear into him without any respite for days.

With a heavy heart full of trepidation and heavier feet, he trudged home.  As expected, his parents flew into a rage upon seeing his poor grades.  They promptly gave him a harsh lecture and a stern warning to perform better in future. They continued to berate him over his lackadaisical attitude towards his studies over the following weeks. Feeling sick of being constantly nagged over his poor grades, Ben decided to turn over a new leaf.  He paid rapt attention in class and completed his homework diligently.  He went for remedial classes to improve his understanding of the weaker subjects.

After several months of hard work, he was ready for the final exams.  He was able to complete the tests with ease and confidence.  A week later, the teachers handed back the test papers to the class. To everyone’s astonishment, Ben aced all his papers. His diligence had paid off. Both his teachers and parents were very impressed with his grades and that made him as happy as a lark.  Studying hard was not so bad after all!



Turning Over A New Leaf

By HB (15 years old)


The teacher’s voice droned on as Beth stifled her yawn.  Her bleary eyes tried to focus on the mathematics equation on the whiteboard.  The numbers swam before her eyes in a hopeless jumble.  Before long, she was nodding off.



“Beth!” a loud voice boomed out across the class.  She woke up with a start and instantly shot upright in her seat.  Her Maths teacher was glaring daggers at her!  “Sorry, sir!” she hastily apologized.  Luckily for Beth, her teacher’s attention was soon turned upon another errant student.

The mathematics test was just round the corner.  Beth was determined to score an A in the test.  However, her lack of concentration was not helping her.  She was often deep in her own world during class and she knew she had to change her sloppy study habits.

With a strong resolve in her heart, Beth began to pay more attention to her studies.  To start off, she studied as soon as she reached home after school until late at night.  There were a lot of topics to cover as she had been playing the fool for the most part of her lessons.

The days passed by quickly.  Before she knew it, it was already time for the finals.  Beth was nervous and was unable to stop herself from thinking she might flunk her papers.  All kinds of negative thoughts flashed through her mind. With a face as white as a sheet, she entered the examination hall and took her seat. Her mind went blank momentarily.  The invigilator began to distribute the question papers and once Beth got her test paper, she took a deep breath. She managed to calm her jittering nerves to focus on answering the questions.

A week later, Beth’s heart was pounding against her chest as the teacher rattled off the students’ names. She watched anxiously as her classmates received their Maths test papers.  Finally, it was her turn.  She received her test paper with trembling hands and squealed with delight when she saw her grades.  It was full marks!


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