The Eagle



An eagle is a big bird.  It has two large wings to enable it to soar very high in the sky.  It swoops down to the fields to catch prey with its strong, sharp claws.  It is a carnivorous creature and it loves eating field mice, rabbits, lambs, snakes and other small animals.

I like the eagle for its majestic bearing.  How I wish I could soar up into the sky and fly as freely as it does!





Farmer Joe has a farm.  He raises pigs in a big pig sty on his farm for pork.  Pigs like to eat and they are very fat. Farmer Joe feeds the pig with slop he collects from the restaurants and eating outlets.  Always hungry, the pigs will slurp up their food greedily while grunting throughout the meal.  They are really noisy when they eat.  I suppose they are having a polite table conversation like us humans.

ImagePigs like to wallow in the mud.  Like the hippos, they must be trying to keep themselves cool in the hot weather but they look so mucky and dirty when they do that.  I won’t want a pig for a pet but I think a piglet is very cute.  In fact, my favourite soft toy is a piglet.

There are many similes for pigs.  We can say someone is as greedy as a pig, as fat as a pig, as lazy as a pig and as dirty as a pig.  Perhaps one can also say, “as fertile as a sow” as a mother pig can deliver up to a litter of 12 piglets or more.

Interesting pig facts….


Who says tigers can’t be friendly with piglets?


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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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