The Galaxy

“Stars” and “The Galaxy” were written when the class used ‘stars’ for their point system.



When we look outside at night, we see stars.  If we are in the dark countryside, we might see as many as 3,000 stars but we cannot see that many in the city.  The colour of a star depends on its temperature.  A hot star is blue while a cool star is red.

Some stars are bigger than the Sun.  Others are smaller than the Earth.  There are many people who like gazing at stars and those who study them are called astronomers.


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The Galaxy


A galaxy is a collection of millions of stars.  Small galaxies have about ten million stars while a big galaxy can have a trillion stars.  There are more than a hundred billion galaxies in the universe.  I think the numbers are way too big for little girls like me to imagine.

Super giant stars are 10 to 200 times bigger than the Sun.  The sun and the planets are in the Milky Way Galaxy,  a spiral galaxy of at least 200 billion stars.


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