How Plants Grow

First, plant the seeds in the soil.  Next, remember to water the seeds daily.  The seeds also need sunlight to grow.  They will sprout into seedlings after a few days.

The seedlings will slowly grow into plants.  The plants will then grow buds which will bloom into  beautiful flowers after a while.  Flowers on tomato and chilli plants bear fruits.  The germination process repeats if you eat a tomato and throw its seeds onto the ground.


I particularly enjoyed the story of “One Seed” posted on YouTube.



Healthy Eating

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We must eat the correct amount of food to be healthy.  First, we need to consume enough carbohydrates to give our body energy.  We can get carbohydrates from potatoes, bread, noodles and rice.

We require proteins to build and repair our body.  Meat, fish, eggs, milk and beans are good sources of protein.  Our body must be strong to fight infections so we must take lots of vitamin-rich food.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins.  Try taking an apple a day to keep the doctor away!


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  1. abel says:

    nice video and good idea!

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