Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I live in an enormous house.  It has a big garden and a fish pond.  There are four big bedrooms on the second floor.  I share a room with my sister.

There are six people living in my house.  My grandparents dote on me.  I love my family and home is a sweet home with a loving family.


The Aquarium

Photo courtesy of theherbalsupplementsreview.com

Raju has an aquarium which has three small fish inside.   He feeds them fish food three times a day.  After two weeks, they grow very big.  They are as big as crabs.  Soon, they are going to grow as big as Raju.  He had better buy a new aquarium before they do!


Here’s a story I came across on the internet.

Three Fish

A Tale from India

Photo courtesy of masterstouchfaux.wordpress.com

Three fish lived in a pond. One was named Plan Ahead, another was Think Fast, and the third was named Wait and See.

Photo courtesy of cupofjoe.tv

One day they heard a fisherman say that he was going to cast his net in their pond the next day.

Plan Ahead said, “I’m swimming down the river tonight!

Think Fast said, “I’m sure I’ll come up with a plan.

Wait and See lazily said, “I just can’t think about it now!”

Photo courtesy of jmacdonaldphotography.blogspot.com

When the fisherman cast his nets, Plan Ahead was long gone. But Think Fast and Wait and See were caught!

Photo courtesy of gooly.cohain.us

Think Fast quickly rolled his belly up and pretended to be dead. “Oh, this fish is no good!” said the fisherman, and threw him safely back into the water.

Photo courtesy of.meetup.com

But, Wait and See ended up in the fish market.

That is why they say, “In times of danger, when the net is cast, plan ahead or plan to think fast!”

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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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