I Love Rainy Days

I simply love this rendition of the popular children’s song, “Rain, Rain, Go Away!” but I prefer raining to a hot, humid day anytime.


Here are some essays written about the rain.

A Rainy Morning

Photo courtesy of Integralmonastry.com

Colin woke up one morning to see dark clouds in the sky.  Soon, it started to rain.  The rain became heavier and heavier.

Collin watched the rain through the windows.  After a while, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  There was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

A Heavy Downpour

There are lots of dark and heavy clouds in the sky.  It starts to rain cats and dogs.  The pedestrians are using umbrellas and raincoats.  Other pedestrians are rushing to take cover at the bus-stop.  They are drenched in the heavy downpour.

The rain falls pitter-patter onto the ground.  There are lots of puddles on the ground after the rain.  What a wet day!

After the Rain

Photo courtesy of thecrunchymamacita.blogspot.com

There was a heavy downpour earlier in the afternoon.  The rain has stopped and a beautiful rainbow now appears in the sky.  The air is clean and crisp now.

The rain has made the ground wet.  There are lots of puddles on the ground.  My brothers, John and Ben are playing in the puddles.  They are getting wet and dirty.  Mommy is going to be angry when they come dripping into the house later.


To give children more ideas on how to write about a rainy day, here’s a video clip by jwlee0127 on YouTube.

I Love Rainy Days


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