Primary School Essays – Visiting Places

Here are some more of Angeline’s essays from last year.  Kids who are just beginning to write require a lot of promptings and guidance.



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At the Fruit Stall

My mother brought me to a fruit stall yesterday.  The fruiterer was very busy as there were a lot of customers at her stall.  She sold many different kinds of fruits.  We bought some red apples.  Mother paid five dollars for them.  We went home and enjoyed eating the apples together.  They were very crunchy and sweet!


Going to the Cinema


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I went to the cinema to watch a movie with my family last Monday.  We had to queue at the ticket counter to buy our tickets.  After buying some popcorn and soft drinks, we entered the theatre.

It was very dark inside.  The ticket collector showed us to our seats with a flashlight.  It was a funny movie about a family with twins.  We laughed a lot and had a good time at the cinema.


An Outing to the Beach

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Last week, I went to the beach with my family.  We went by car and the drive took an hour.  When we arrived at the beach, we took our things from the car and Daddy picked a picnic spot under a big, shady tree.

We made a beautiful sandcastle and played football on the sand.  Then we took a swim in the sea.  Everyone was very hungry after the swim so we ate our lunch before going home.  I had lots of fun at the beach that day.


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An Excursion to the Underwater World

Last Tuesday, we went on an excursion to the Underwater World.  We were very happy and excited.  We saw many different kinds of sea creatures.  There were sharks, giant turtles, jellyfish, stingrays and all kinds of fishes.  We enjoyed ourselves very much.


A Visit to the Circus

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The circus had come to town!  I pestered Daddy to bring me to the circus every day.  You could imagine my delight when he brought us there last Friday.

The show opened with a clown act.  The clowns made funny faces and their silly antics made the crowd roar with laughter.  A lion jumped through a ring of fire.  “What a clever lion!” I thought to myself.  The elephant show came next.  The elephant picked up its trainer by its trunk and threw him up in the air.  Everyone applauded loudly when the trainer landed nimbly on the animal’s back.

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The show finally ended with the acrobats performing their daring stunts.  They drew the audience’s admiration when they swung boldly from one end of the tent to another on the trapeze.  I had so much fun watching all the performances.  To me, the circus is the most exciting place in the world!


A Visit to the Goat Farm

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Jasmine’s father, Farmer Joe, raises many goats on his farm.  He milks his goats every day and he sells them to consumers.  His children like to help on the farm.  Jasmine feeds the goats with grass while her two brothers feed the kids with the milk bottles.

Jasmine brought me to the farm last month.  Some of the cute kids were timid but some were very playful.  It was fun watching the baby goats frisking gaily around their mommies.  I took some pictures of them.  I had a great time and couldn’t wait to visit the farm again.


Trekking Through A Forest

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Last Sunday, my family and I went trekking through a forest.  There were many tall trees and shrubs.  My father carried a fishing rod while my brother carried a pail.  They were hoping to fish at the stream in the woods.  I secretly hoped that we would not meet any tigers or snakes.  What a scary thought!

We saw many wild creatures and insects on the jungle trail.  There were monkeys, squirrels and birds.  I learned about the names of many wild plants and insects.  Fortunately, I didn’t meet any tigers or snakes on the way.   They must be having a holiday too!


A Wonderful Holiday

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My family and I went on a tour to China during the school holidays.  My sister and I were very excited to be on the aeroplane.  It was our first time to fly in a plane!

We visited the Great Wall of China, the longest wall in the world.  I had to catch my breath after climbing all the steps.  I had never walked such a long way in my life.  The scenery was spectacular.  It was a good thing we brought a camera so we could take many pictures.  We also went to the Panda Bear Sanctuary.  The pandas were so cute!  We had a wonderful holiday.  When I grow up, I would visit China again.

The picture of the Great Wall of China is sourced from a fellow WordPress blogger with his permission.  He wrote fantastic stories of his extensive travels.  Here’s an excerpt of his visit to the Great Wall.


A Lesson on the Great Wall, Jinshanling

Headlights on and engine roaring, the bus devours the morning silence. “Is this going to Jinshanling?” Nodding, the driver waves me aboard and I take my place, sleepy-eyed, in the second row. Our tour guide looks like he could use a strong cup of coffee.

Not many things merit a 5:00 a.m. start and an uncomfortable four-hour bus ride with terrible leg room. But it is my last day in Beijing and I have booked myself a trip to see the final item on my checklist: the Great Wall of China.

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