A Narrow Escape

A Narrow Escape
By J. Law (9 years old)

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.  Tom and his friends were going to climb Mount Kinabalu.  They met early at Tom’s house and took a bus to the mountain.

ImageAfter an hour-long bus ride, they arrived at the Kota Kinabalu National Park and were awed by the view of the majestic mountain.  All the boys were excited and wore happy faces.  They were all eager to set off on their climb.  Soon, they were on their way, trailing behind a seasoned mountain guide.

Halfway through their climb, they suddenly heard a loud rumbling noise coming from above them.  They looked up and saw big and small rocks rolling down at break-neck speed.  Tom and his friends were petrified.  He wondered out aloud, “What are we going to do?”

Image“Quick!  Let’s hide behind those big rocks!” yelled their guide.  Everyone scrambled for cover behind the huge boulders.  The earth shook as the rocks hurtled past them.  The noise was deafening and thick dust filled the air.  The terrified boys closed their eyes tightly as they flattened themselves against the huge rocks.  Minutes later, the avalanche was over.

Tom made a quick head-count.  Fortunately, nobody was injured.  “Phew!  What a narrow escape!” one of the boys exclaimed, wiping furiously at his perspiring forehead with a face towel.  None of them would be going mountain climbing anytime soon.

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