Beware lest your little darling turns into something else………….

ImageOne of my nieces and her hubby came from another city for a short visit recently, leaving their 6-month-old at home.  The doting mummy and daddy whisked out their camera phones to show off the newest addition of our ever growing family to this ancient aunt.

“So how does it feel to be a mum?” I asked innocently.

“Very happy!  Very, very happy!” she cooed.

I  wished the young couple many years of joy in seeing their son grow while cautioning them little darlings might one day turned into little terrors as evidenced by Nanny 911 episodes.  Even my two grown-up kids enjoy giving me a bad hair day on occasion.



Here’s an essay from a student after watching an episode of  the “Nanny 911” videos.

Spoiled Rotten                                                                                                           Contributed by H.Sung (14 years old)

It was overwhelming to see my son, John turning over a new leaf.  When he left a week ago, he was a spoiled brat.  Gone was the little horror, in his place was a boy as docile as a lamb!  I gawked at Mrs Tan with utmost respect and awe.  How did she manage to perform such a wondrous miracle in so short a time?  Tears of gratitude welled up in my eyes as I remembered that just a few days ago, I was at my last straw and was about to throw in the towel.

My baby was born a sweet angel.  I loved him deeply and totally with all my heart.   My little boy must have everything that money could buy.  His every whim and fancy was lovingly indulged.  I felt so good in giving my child the best of everything.  My mistake, I realised only too late. As he grew older, he began to make demands, small ones, big ones and gradually unreasonable ones.  I had succeeded in creating a little monster who knew how to get his way through manipulation, pouting, crying, fits of temper, door slamming and guilt induction.

Throwing terrible tantrums on the floor of the shopping mall to get me to buy him stuffs was a regular happening. Making terrible and embarrassing scenes at the restaurant when orders were delayed was another pet peeve.  John’s outbursts of yelling and screaming happened on a regular basis.  His rudeness was infuriating.  There were many occasions that I wanted to rip my hair out!

His “I want, I want, I want” syndrome had come to a headI had to put my foot down once and for all. I was lost in the land of parental stress, negativity, despair and hopelessness and desperately needed time out!  I dialled Kids 911 and explained my dire situation to the principal of the childcare centre that was renowned for reforming unmanageable young persons.

Mrs Tan, the principal suggested that John should stay at their facilities for a week and she vowed to personally take up the challenge to reform him.  I was totally delighted to have him off my hands for seven days.  Oh, what a blissful quiet respite that would be.  The peaceful days flew by and soon I was at the nursery to redeem my prodigal son.

I could not believe the transformation!  The boy before me is now a cherub, gentle as a dove with pretty manners instead of John the terror who was forcefully dragged into the car screaming his head off all the way to the childcare centre.  Peace and harmony have come to my home to stay. Yes, John is definitely changed.  How Mrs Tan did it, was a marvel, one that I am most delighted in.


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