More Essays from Primary School Kids

Malaysian primary school pupils are normally asked to write a story based on pictures given with some helping words.  Here are some picture compositions from the young students.


Baking a Cake

by Angeline  T. (7 years old)

ImageBen’s mother is in the kitchen baking a cake.  First, she sieves the flour into a big mixing bowl.  Next, she whisks the eggs with the butter and sugar.  Then she pours the mixture into a baking tin.  She puts the baking tin into the pre-heated oven.

After 50 minutes, the aroma of the cake fills the kitchen.  The cake is ready to be eaten!  Let’s dig in, Ben!


At the Fruit Stall

By Jessica L. (9 years old)

ImageIt was a beautiful morning last Sunday.  Sarah’s mother took her to buy some fruits.  Before leaving the house, Sarah’s mother reminded her not to touch any fruit with sharp thorns.

The fruit stall was crowded with customers when they arrived.  Sarah’s mother was happy to see all the ripe tempting fruits while Sarah spotted a basket full of durians.  She quickly ran over and touched them.  She had forgotten her mother’s reminder!

Soon, she was crying in pain as she held her bleeding finger.  Her mother realised that she must have touched the durians and pricked her finger.  She brought her daughter home to clean the wound and put a plaster over it.  Little Sarah learned that she must not play with any fruit with sharp thorns in the future.  


A Scary Adventure

By Jessica L. (9 years old)

ImageLast Saturday, the boy scouts went for a camping trip in the forest.  When they arrived at their destination, they trekked into the middle of the jungle until they heard loud growls.  Feeling frightened, they stopped to determine which direction the sounds were coming from.  It seemed to come from the bushes ahead of them and it sounded like a ferocious beast growling menacingly.

Not knowing what to do, they panicked till Tom, their leader came up with an idea.  He told his fellow scouts to arm themselves with stones and sticks to protect themselves.  They quickly set to work.  Perspiration broke out on their foreheads as they gathered their arsenal of weapons.  Before long, their shirts were drenched with sweat.

Soon, a tiger was sighted behind a clump of bushes.  “Now!” Tom shouted.  The boys hurled the stones and sticks at the tiger with all their might while yelling at the top of their voices.  The tiger yelped in pain as the volley of stones and sticks hit its body.  It backed away and finally ran away with its tail between its legs.

The run-in with the tiger gave the boys such a bad scare that they unanimously agreed to leave the dangerous jungle.  As they reached the edge of the forest, Tom called the coach driver on his mobile phone to pick them up.  It took an hour for the bus to arrive.  As soon as the bus came to a halt, the boys clambered aboard.  What a scary adventure!  They couldn’t wait to tell their families about it!



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