An Awful Adventure

Contributed by J. Young (14 years old)

The warm rays of the morning sun shone brightly into my room and caressed my chubby cheeks, thus waking me up.  I yawned sleepily as I stretched lazily on my bed. Just when I was about to return to Dreamland, I jumped out of the bed as it dawned on me that I was going fishing with my brother today.  The glorious weather was just perfect for fishing!

John and I set off on our way feeling perky after the hearty breakfast which Mum had as usual, lovingly prepared for us. On our way to the river nearby our neighbourhood, we stopped by Farmer Jack’s place to dig up some earthworms as bait. After we have caught about thirty of the slimy creatures, we continued our way while singing and chatting animatedly along the way.

As soon as we reached the river, we enthusiastically cast our fishing lines into the crystal clear water.  We were full of exuberance when the fish kept taking the bait.  In no time at all, our basket was half full of various sized fish.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pull at the end of my fishing rod. I tried to reel it in but it seemed to be stuck fast to whatever it had hooked itself to.  “It must be a big fish!”  As my thoughts began to build so did my excitement. I called to my big brother for help.  “Hey! John!  I have caught something large! Come and help me reel it in!”

My brother quickly threw his own fishing rod aside and ran to my aid.  Together, we pulled with all our might and managed to reel the heavy catch in inch by inch.  To our utter disgust, it was an old waterlogged lorry tyre.

Fuming silently at the irresponsible idiot who dumped the tyre in the river, I cast my line again, further into the river this time.  No sooner than the bait sank, there was a heavy tug and my fishing rod began to shake.

“John!”  I screamed at the top of my lungs.

He gripped me just before I was dragged headlong into the water.  We heaved and pulled, pulled and heaved somemore.  To our total amazement, a gigantic shape appeared before our eyes. The majestic creature was white as snow. We have caught ourselves a dragon, a very big one!  Oh my!

Both of us were scared witless at the sight of the stupendous dragon, so much so, that John fainted away stone dead with fright.  The dragon started to speak, “Don’t be afraid.  I am Jimoo and now that you have caught me, I am yours to command.  I can do whatever you would have me do and grant whatever wishes you might have.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, really,” replied the dragon in its booming voice.

“Well, Jimoo, I am Eric and this unconscious fellow is my brother, John. Nice to meet you and may I tell you my wish?”

“Nice to meet you, too.  What is your wish, master?” asked my new dragon slave.

“Please rouse my brother,” I requested.

“Sure, no problem,” said Jimoo.

She chanted some incomprehensible words that I did not understand. I found it hard to believe her but I had to believe her so I gawked stupidly at her.  Suddenly, a ray of brilliant light shone forth from the dragon’s mouth.  It landed on John’s chest, at the exact spot where his heart lay.  John opened his eyes slowly and his attention was immediately riveted on Jimoo.

“Aaaaakk! It is a dragon! Somebody, help me!  Eric, run for your life!” he screeched.

Having cried out his warning, he immediately passed out again. I asked Jimoo to send him home. She recited some magical words and John disappeared.  I began to think of using her magical powers to go to the United States, Paris, South Korea and other countries which I had dreamed of visiting.  I could become the richest boy on earth. What a real piece of luck!

I was entirely enraptured with my new pet as we went gallivanting to exotic destinations in different countries on her back.  We had a whale of a time together.  Wanting to share my new found fortune with my family, I called my whole family to introduce them to Jimboo.  I had not seen my grandparents for a long time because they lived very far from us, so I decided to have them around for the grand introduction.

“This is my pet dragon, Jimoo.  She has supernatural powers and can make your wishes come true,” I explained.

“Wow!  Anything that we desire?” gasped my parents in amazement.

“Yes.” I replied.

They began to bombard Jimboo with their hearts’ desires.  She made their day when she granted them all their wishes.  Everyone was deliriously elated.  Never in their wildest dream could they believe that such a thing could happen.

After several months, Jimboo had to return to Dragonland.  She invited me to go with her.  I eagerly jumped onto her back and we whizzed off to her homeland.   It was a cold and desolate cold place.  All at once, I began to miss my family.  I wanted to go home but I did not want to leave Jimoo behind.  I spent the night tossing, unable to sleep because of the chilling cold and the anxiety over my dilemma. The next morning, I confessed to Jimboo about my yearning to go home.

“I am awfully sorry, Jimoo.  I think I have to leave you.  I miss my family. Could you send me home?” I pleaded.

“I will miss you dreadfully,” she replied sorrowfully.

Big fat tears ran down her cheeks so I decided to stay with her awhile.  During the night, I was woken up from a fretful slumber by deafening noises.  I was terribly shocked to see Jimoo fighting ferociously with another enormous dragon!   Upon catching sight of me, she shouted, “Come to me, Eric!”

She scooped me up in her big sharp scaly claws and we zoomed off.  The evil dragon was hot on our heels.

I asked Jimboo, “Who is that dragon and why is he following you?”

“He is a police dragon and he wants to take you away,” she answered.

“What does  he want with me?” I persevered.

“You are a human and a human can’t stay in a dragon’s world,” she said.

By this time, the police dragon had caught up with us.  Jimboo put me down to the ground and turned back to fight him.  I headed for the hills and kept running until I saw a sign that read ‘TO THE HUMAN’S WORLD’.

To my disgust, I found out I had ended up in another dragon world with thanks to a devilish young dragon that loved playing tricks on unsuspecting victims.  I was soon surrounded by a weyr of curious dragons. Totally petrified, I sucked in deep gulps of air.  My feet felt like they were cemented to the rocky ground.

Two dragons came up to me and took me by my arms.   They stumped through the thick undergrowth and when we reached a clearing, they threw me down onto the mucky ground.  I gasped in terror at a gargantuan dragon. It seemed that the day had wrought nothing but horrors.  When would this ghastly day end?  Cold sweat burst from my pores, trickling down my back like ice water as I wetted my pants.  I prayed for death to take pity on me and to take me there and then.

“Why are you here?” the giant dragon boomed.

Although my mouth closed and opened like a goldfish, no words spewed forth.

“I am King Dragonta of the dragons and I command you to answer me immediately!” he bellowed.

“I…… I…. do…. do not know why I…. I…. I … am here, ” I stuttered.

“Guards! Seize this imbecile and throw him back into the human world!” the king commanded.   “And he is not allowed to return.”

They threw me into a big bottomless hole. I went spiraling dizzily down the dark frightening hole at a neck breaking speed. Scared out of my wits, I clamped my eyes closed as tight as I could.  When I opened my eyes, I was blinded by a dazzling light. I opened my eyes gingerly, hoping my nightmare had ended.

I was flooded with relief as I recognized the familiar setting of my bedroom.  I pinched my cheeks hard to make sure that I was not in some kind of dream. Ouch!  It was painful alright.

I ran downstairs to look for my parents.  Mother was just entering the living room from the wet market.  I ran towards her and to her pleasure, hugged her tightly.

“Mum!  I’ve missed you and I love you so much,” I told her.

Mother looked at me with curiosity plainly painted on her face.

“What is wrong with you?  Either go to your room to study or help me carry these into the kitchen, ” Mum said.

“Gladly, ” I happily conceded.

I stayed close to Mum the whole day and helped with the chores without uttering a single word of complaint.  It made Mum wonder whether if I had turned over a new leaf.


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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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2 Responses to An Awful Adventure

  1. snobol4 says:

    The story is an impressive piece of writing for a 14 year old who is not a native English speaker. I think this is a great exercise for the students. It allows them to explore different aspects of the language and have fun with their imagination too. In my opinion, the student and the teacher both deserve recognition for their effort! 🙂

  2. rinekat says:

    The credit goes to the student who made the attempt!

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