The lack of a reading habit and a writing practice results in ………

Kids need to be encouraged to cultivate a regular reading habit from an early age.  Sadly, out of every 50 youngsters I know, only one of them reads adequately. Reading is the key to success in the classroom at any age.  It not only improves our minds, it will also help us to:

  • acquire a bigger vocabulary to express ourselves more eloquently;
  • unconsciously absorb the grammar and style of the author thus improving our writing style by forming clear, rhythmic sentences.

Kids who don’t read will have a harder time in writing essays than kids who read. They will struggle mightily as their limited vocabulary will prevent them from expressing their thoughts eloquently. Even if they do manage to complete their essay, their work is confusing due to incorrect word usage and poor grammar. Here’s a typical written piece of work from those who think in Chinese or Korean and translate their thoughts to English on paper.


An excerpt from “A Nightmare” by Mr 16


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“The first time I moved the house city to town, I had this nightmare.”  When Amy started her nightmare story telling, everybody held their breath.  “In my dream, I moved the house which is located on the top of the mountain.  If I looked out the window, I able to see every parts of the village.  And my house is the only house which located in mountain.  I fell a sleep while arrange my stuff into my new room. I woke up because of the sound.  It was gun reports.  “Bang!”  Amy surprised them.  “Gosh!” Joseph shouted with a start.

“Anyway, I woke up and looked out the window.  In surprise, the half of the village was burning.  I looked the other side of village.  There was a monster was exruciate the villagers.  The gun reports was for get rid of that greenish, blue enormous creature.  But there was no use for shouting, the hefty monster seems like doesn’t feel anything.  My friends were there.  I had to save them, but too scared to go out from the safety home.  Ten minutes excruciated by the monster, villager screw up to expel the huge monster.  They tried to give a pain to it.  Eight men jumped on to monster’s foots with the guns.  They sent a sign each another and shoot into the monster’s foots.  In pain, monster roared and six men fell out.  While it cring for pain, all of the villagers started to run as far as they can.  The adults held the children up and run even they are not their kids.  When the monster allayed the pain, it tried to find the people.  But there was no villagers except a red car which is two meter far.  I was still looking at this spectacle through my room window.

After working together with the young writer, the excerpt is now more coherent.

Loud gunshots and screams of terror reverberated through the air.  I shot up from my bed and scooted to the window to take a look.  To my amazement, half of the village was ablaze.  Dense columns of smoke billowed from the burning buildings and the inhabitants were seen fleeing for their lives.  A gigantic monster was terrifying the people.  It was green and about thirteen feet tall.  Most of my friends were out there defending themselves against the monster but I was afraid to venture out from the safety of my house which was located halfway up the hill, to save them.

I could see men armed with rifles jumping onto the monster’s enormous feet.  They signalled to each other and fired at the monster’s feet at the same moment.  It roared in pain and tried to shake its attackers off.  Maddened, the diabolical monster began to stomp on everything in its path.  The defenders and the remaining villagers began to beat a hasty retreat.  Adults snatched up the young children and headed for the hills.  The evacuation was efficiently carried out in short order, leaving behind an empty village and a bellowing green monster.


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2 Responses to The lack of a reading habit and a writing practice results in ………

  1. snobol4 says:

    Nice blog post! I agree completely with your point about the importance of reading on a regular basis. I recall the point in time when I first started reading fiction books for enjoyment when I was in school. Not only did my vocabulary increase, but it helped me to learn better usage of grammar.

    We learn through examples and reading provides us with access to numerous writing styles, viewpoints and even helps us to think in new ways we might not have thought about before. For students, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn.

    Well done and please keep writing more articles for everyone to enjoy. 🙂

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