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Many Malaysian parents are concerned their kids are not proficient enough in the English language.  Their fear, it seems, is rightly justified by an online news article posted by Borneo Post on 1 February, 2012.  BP reported that possessing poor English language proficiency accounted for 8,000 nursing graduates in Malaysia being unemployed.

Yep, the government is aware of the plight, according to Public Health Assistant Minister, Dr Jerip Susil .  The question is, “What do we do about the problem?”  It would seem obvious nursing schools should step up in helping their students to not just be graduates but be employable ones!  How?  Help our budding nurses to be competent both in nursing skills and English, of course.  Stop sighing over the dilemma and take action.  Otherwise, the simple alternative will be to scrap the required English proficiency test during job interviews.


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