Writings from Primary School Kids

Children must be exposed to writing at an early age.  Establishing good writing habits and learning the essentials at an early age gives students an opportunity to gain a competitive edge over their peers who start late.  The earlier they start, the better they will be at communication  in the written form.  But sad to say, pupils are not taught to write stories in English in primary school, especially in the Chinese schools.

 Here a few samples completed by some students.


A Kind Deed

There are many people on the train.  A lady is reading newspapers.  The old man next to her is sleeping.  An old lady carrying heavy bags boards the train and a kind little boy gives up his seat for her.  She thanks him gratefully.

Brenner O. (6 years old)

Mother’s Day

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day.  We had a concert at school.

My classmate, Tom, went on stage to read a poem.  At first, he was very nervous.  He had lots of butterflies in his stomach.

The audience clapped loudly after his recital.  Tom’s mother was very proud of him.  Tom thought his mother was the greatest mum in the world!

Angeline  T.  (7 years old)

A Fire

One day, Mark’s house caught fire.  The firemen came to put out the fire.  Mark’s pet dog was injured.  He was very sad to see his dog hurt.

A crowd of passers-by watched the firemen at extinguishing the fire.  In the end, the fire was put out and everybody cheered loudly.

Aaron T.  (8 years old)

A Bad Dream

Ben stayed up late one night to watch a horror movie.  He went to bed after the movie.  He fell asleep immediately and dreamed that a ghost was chasing him.  Frightened, he screamed at the top of his voice and ran for his life.  He fell down and that was when he woke up on the floor from his nightmare.  What a bad dream!

Aaron T.  (8 years old)

An Accident

It was a fine day yesterday.  Alvin was cycling on a deserted road.  He was going to the supermarket.  Since there was no traffic on the road, he rode his bicycle very fast.

As he neared the bridge, he decided to slow down.   When he saw a car speeding towards him, he knew he was in trouble.  The car screeched to a stop but it was too late.

Alvin crashed into the stationary car and fell off his bicycle.  He landed on the ground with a loud thud.  His knees were badly injured and blood oozed from his wounds.  The motorist called for an ambulance to help him.  Alvin learned a hard lesson that day and vowed to be more careful in the future.

Abel N. (8 years old)


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2 Responses to Writings from Primary School Kids

  1. Scott says:

    None of these could be classified as essays. Nice pieces of creative writing, but not essays. They don’t explain a point, discuss an issue or argue an opinion. Writing is classified according to purpose. Now in the Australian curriculum, there is; informative, persuasive and imaginative. A few different writing ‘types’ fit into these, but an essay needs to have a large dose of persuasive elements to it.

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