For a teacher, it’s akin to a nightmare to have to grade a paper when the handwriting is nearly incomprehensible.  A teacher will usually leave a badly handwritten piece to the very last.  And students are known to have been penalized for poor handwriting to this present day.

Once a child enters kindergarten at age 4, he is taught to write the alphabets.  At age 5, the pupil must ideally be taught the importance of a neat hand and writes well by age 6.  It is a daunting  and near impossible task to get a child who is already set in his or her handwritten pattern to change.  I should know.

Through her mother’s persevering guidance, Miss 5 has impressively improved her handwriting over a short period of time.  Kids are better performers when parents pay close attention to their offspring’s studies and are involved in their learning progress.  In fact, studies show that successful students have parents who establish and maintain family routines for homework.

Miss 5’s handwriting as compared in January this year and now.



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