I Don’t Know

“I don’t know” is an automatic statement that kids these days utter without making any attempt at their work.  Indeed, “I don’t know” has become a mantra for the young.

When questioned, Miss 13’s “I don’t know” turned into “Honestly, I didn’t try”.  Mr 7 managed to correctly complete a comprehension cloze only after his first attempt to take the easy way out by saying “I don’t know”.  Miss 11’s “I don’t know” progressed into a prolonged empty look on her face and a big frown on her forehead.  And Mr 15 responded with a “I don’t know” to every question put to him.

A recent online post by the Borneo Post reported that local graduates are falling short of employers’ expectations due to a lack of critical thinking and poor communication skills.  Most kids today are not required to think as parents do all the thinking for them at home.  To further exasperate the problem, teachers spoon-feed them answers at schools and tuition centres.

Dear parents, here’s a dose of reality for you.  Unless kids are raised to think for themselves today, they won’t be creative problem-solvers tomorrow.  They will simply be overwhelmed and floored when faced with difficulties in their adult stage.


Local Graduates Fall Short of Employers’ Expectations (Borneo Post)


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